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Hey, are you a crazy plant person? Then, you may haven’t missed the report of recent surveys that around 52% means more than half of Australian households prefer gardening and growing food at their home or any community garden. And if you are one of those who want to move house with plants, you may prefer packing this with much care, just as you do with your special champagne! Need some tips? Our Gold Coast removalists are here to guide you with that!


Gold Coast Removalist’s Guide: Pro Tricks to Pack and Move With Your Plants


If you haven’t moved plants anywhere ever, it may be a challenge for you for the first time! Hence, if you don’t want to cry over spilt oil, follow our smart tricks to do so:


Prepare your plants for the move:


While moving to a new home, it’s essential you make your plants ready for it. Prepping them will ensure fewer dead leaves and falling out branches during transportation. All you need to do is:


  • Trim the old growth to regenerate the plant
  • Remove the weeds and dust.
  • Repot your plants in lightweight plastic pots to reduce their moving back and forth and warp the pots with ease
  • Clean all the insects and parasites from your plants before moving to a new home. You can treat them to reduce the risk of nasties or the spread of disease in other plants while in the same moving van during transit.


Avoid watering your plants before the move:


Don’t give your plants water before loading it on the moving van or near the moving day. Whether you are relocating home during the summer months or winter, this rule remains the same! Water retention adds weight that increases the risk of damage to the plants and spills on other stuff. Just keep the plants in a warm place to avoid cold exposure! You can water the plants again once you are at your new home.


Bind the branches together:


Yes, our best removalists in Gold Coast will be at your place to help you with a house move, from packing to storage to removal. But if you don’t want to leave your plants on us for packing, we suggest following our guidance! For example:


  • Bind the branches together to reduce the risk of breaking
  • Put the plants in a moving box to protect the fragile roots from damage during transit


Do you need any help with house removals and packing? Contact us then! And for blog posts on house removals, stay in touch!

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