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No doubt, moving house is tedious work that includes several serious tasks. Your one mistake can cause a lot of money. However, if you are working with the best professional house removals in Tweed Heads, do not worry too much about property damage. The well-trained professionals are capable of shifting the huge and expensive home accessories carefully. Many people claim that their walls get damaged the most during the process. Let’s know how to protect them.

Tops Tips to Protect the Walls during House Removals in Tweed Heads

Have a look at the expert tips to keep your walls safe from the scratches of furniture. Here you go!

1. Cover the walls

The best way to ensure the protection of walls is to cover them with drop cloths or cupboards. It will make the walls remain unscathed during a house move. Therefore, even if a furniture piece bumps into a wall, your walls will not get scratched or damaged due to soft padding.

2. Disassemble the furniture

It is another wise way to choose to keep your walls safe and protected. You may ask the professionals to disassemble the pieces of furniture. So, it becomes easier to move them appropriately. It lessens the chance of any further damage due to furniture bumping.

3. Rely on the moving dolly

Everyone knows that moving dollies are the most trusted sidekicks of professional movers. This moving dolly minimizes the weight load of large home accessories. So, make sure you choose an efficient company for professional house removals in Tweed Heads.

4. Secure enough assistants

Remember, wall damage, floor damage, or any other kind of property damage often occur because people underestimate the seriousness of the situation. But, if you hire professional movers, you do not have to worry about this as they know how to do their tasks.

5. Clean the path

Do not forget to clean the path where the movers will commute. Otherwise, it will create obstacles in the middle of the path that can distract them and cause any serious damage or injuries. So, make sure you have a wide and clear way for the professionals.


Hopefully, now you have understood how to keep your walls safe from damage during house removals in Tweed Heads. In this case, you must contact a trusted moving company such as Movers Gold Coast. The professional movers and their skills will help you get safe and sound moving.

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