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Of course, the house move is stressful, and packing the oddly-shaped items makes it more challenging than it is. Not to mention, you don’t have the strategic methods to handle it, but the Tweed Heads removalist has! With years of experience under their belt, the expert packers and movers come with creative ideas to pack the stuff, coming with a peculiar structure.

If you want to ensure whether your stuff remains safe with their packing tricks, today’s blog may help you with that!

Removalists Tricks to Pack Oddly-shaped Items

To be honest, while running late to prepare for the house move, considering professional movers is SMART for packing and removals. Our removalists ensure keeping your stuff safe during the relocation and reaching your destination, with no breakage. Here’s HOW:

Take care of the safety:

The professional packers come with the necessary tools and packaging items if requested or ask the homeowner to spend on protective materials. For example, they suggest foam padding, padded dividers, and bubble wraps. Also, they use additional padding to cover the pointy corners of irregular-shaped objects to avoid injuries.


This one is the most fragile item that requires special attention during any small or big move. When you have a conventional rectangular mirror, it won’t be a problem to pack that. But when it comes to some unique shape, like a luxury mirror with several curves, the problem arises, especially if breakage.

Don’t worry! Our expert packers and movers use padded cartons to cover the mirror edges, including the curves. Then, they place that inside the box and wrap that with bubble wraps to protect the glass during loading and unloading it and the ride to your new home.

Large irregular objects

Whether it’s your dining table or the vanity, our packers guarantee convenient and safe storage by disassembling those. Deconstructing the oddly-shaped items into more manageable parts can make the entire removal, including loading and unloading the stuff in the moving van, easy.

Long and cylindrical objects:

The packers use tape and Kraft paper materials to wrap those for this packaging. And they bring the cardboard boxes, specifically made to store such cylindrical and long stuff. So, if you have to move such items, like pipes or rug roles, explain it to our movers ahead.

Have you got peace of mind? If you need any help with house removals near Tweed Heads, you can contact us! For more blogs, stay connected!

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