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Moving is itself stressful, and when you need to do that with your cat, that goes beyond words! Maybe you know that most cats become skittish in new settings. Yet, your house move can be problematic, even while having the best Robina removalists. So, if you want some guidance or smart ideas to ease your relocation with your cat smoothly, today’s post is for you. Have a look!

House Removalists’ Tips on Moving Home With a Cat

Of course, as the cats often freak out and run away in an unfamiliar setting, you may not want to risk it, right? But if you follow the expert tips mentioned below, your moving process may get easier. Such as:

Before the removals:

Whether moving to a new city or near, planning ahead is essential. Doing so may help you reduce the stress level of your cat. Research shows that the cats can sense the changes in surroundings before it happens, so the arrival of moving day. Yet, you can eliminate its anxiety by maintaining its routine and packing its bedding, including the litter tray and bowls.

During the house move:

Yes, the chaos of moving can traumatise your cat unless you have a safe arrangement for it. Until you settle to your new address, keep them somewhere safe, like with your friends or families or any expert vet. Or else your worries may get in the way of removalists while working with them.

Relocating your cat:

While sending your cat to your friends or neighbours, be sure you have a carrier to transport it! Letting your pet roam around a vehicle unrestrained is not a good idea. In fact, it can cause motion sickness for them! Keep your cat inside the carrier and cover it with a towel over the top to leave them calm.

Settling into the new home:

Cats tend to run away in unfamiliar places. Yet, let them out after moving to your new home. Keeping it locked in a room for days can make your pet feel overwhelmed by the new ambiance. And even if you need to leave them inside, the room should have its bed, food, water bowls, favorite toys, and litter tray.

Where to Find the Best Removalists for Help

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